Continue? Zine


This site and the idea of Tactile came from a feeling and an idea. Tactile was a way to share with a community something I loved. And even though my focus is more photography than keyboards today, the same DIY mentality still applies. 

The launch of Continue? was also supposed to go with my newfound knowledge of how to navigate through the Squarespace backend. Customer service hasn't gotten back to me but figuring out another way has always been at the core of Tactile Zine.

So in truest spirit of Tactile, my first photo (mini)zine is dropping tonight. If you want it, please email me at

Continue? chronicles my adventures in Tokyo as I wandered Akihabara and Shinjuku in search of food, arcades, and retro video games. 

What you'll be receiving:

  1. Continue? photo (mini)zine
  2. A foil Tactile logo sticker
  3. A special thank you note

Price? $18 including shipping worldwide. 

Email me at with Continue? in the subject line if you'd like a copy. This is an initial run of 8. Looking forward to chatting with you all! If you've been patient with me, thanks for sticking around. If you're new, thank you for checking it out. Finally putting the zine in Tactile Zine. Oh and I'm sliding in a little website overhaul to simplify things.