Midwest Gaming Classic


This year didn’t work out as planned. For the last few, we triangulated on the Midwest Gaming Classic convention to relive childhood memories. To dig through tubs of game cartridge, put about a billion credits into Metal Slug 3, and brave fording the rivers.


Flights were delayed….then cancelled. Rescheduled flights landed in not-nearby airports. Worst of all, a third of the triumvirate was denied entry into the country.


We bonded over vintage video games and discovered that the three of us didn’t live far from each other. And what better way to indulge in classic gaming than to attend a convention? So we triangulated on Midwest Gaming Classic. For a couple years the highlight of our April was sitting in front of old computers and consoles to relive childhood memories. But things didn’t work out and we were left to enjoy ourselves without feeling too sorry

Once again in front of the warm phosphor glow, we introduced the newcomers to the glory that was Oregon Trail on the original hardware. Pure clicky goodness coupled with lovely green-shaded text. Every year the tradition had been to play until the Willamette Valley screen came up.

MGC Killscreen

The first time we sat down to play, the owners were watching us enjoy their machines over our shoulders. “We’ve never seen anyone sit down and play the entire game!” Seems like that trend continued because there were a bunch of computers with the game installed.


So it wasn’t until later that we did a run on the OG IBM and realized something. Even if he wasn’t with us…he was with us in spirit. Our scores joined last year's score when we made our journey west.

MGC Scores

Special thanks to @hoffmanmyster and @omniclectic. For providing pictures when my camera died and for persevering through shitty travel conditions to hang. Check out more pictures from HoffmanMyster and my full-res pictures.

MGC Hoff_Boop