Luggage Pictures

Mom moved into a new house and for once all her stuff was accessible. In the last move, she stashed a majority her things into a storage unit and it was hard to get at. In this new home, she stuffed the basement and entire second floor with all her belongings. My sister went through a lot, in the hopes of finding some vintage clothing gems, and instead stumbled upon the luggage filled with prints and negatives. Some of these are shots from my childhood and our family growing up. And some of these were a time-capsule from when mom was growing up overseas.

Mom tells a story about a trip she was on when she was about eighteen to see snow for the first time. It always struck me as odd since she then moved to Upstate New York to start our family. After pulling out pouch after pouch after pouch of negatives, we stumbled on a little folder. Inside was a group shot of a bunch of people outside of what looks like a ski resort or a nature preserve in the snow. It was the shot taken during that trip and preserved after all these years.

Going through all the negatives and pictures inspired me to start shooting film myself and build my own archive. In the future Instagram and maybe even this URL may not be recoverable but hopefully the prints and negatives will continue to live on. My favorite thing to do now when we’re visiting is to pull random pouches and photo albums out and go through them.

While digging for the family archives shot series, we  also uncovered a generational love of dogs and family pets. 


1977ish: Laura scared Uncle so much that he had to leave his bedroom with a baseball bat. Her favorite past time was barking.

1982ish: The way mom talked about Jackie felt more like a beloved younger sibling more than a dog. It took years before the realization that Jackie was a dog.

2016: Armani came home with us because we liked her tail and the fact she kept eating food out of her siblings' bowls.

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