En route to Exit 9 on the Northway, we had a discussion on the future. What comes next? Not just for myself but for her. The future always seems so bright at that age and perhaps because of that, my daydreams feel that much brighter. Zines still feel viable; like somehow they’ll become a gateway to a Rizzoli cover. But Printed Matter or Quimby’s would be just fine. She chimes in and says that wants to make a zine too. What about pairing ride-ons with the normal OOTD shots? Genius.


Fifteen minutes later we roll down Main Street and come upon Bubbles. She actually yelled, “Look at that horse!” which of course made me pull over to take a look for myself. A little horse peeking over the barricade turned out to be a merry-go-round.

And surrounding the equine stable stand a few coin-op machines: a crane game, a motorcycle racing game, Fred Flintstones’ log car, and helicopter. All hungry for their quarters….except for the motorcycles which were on free play.


We said we would be home within two or three hours and we were definitely late for dinner that night. Just frolicking and playing with that arcade took up much of our afternoon. Definitely enjoyed this cold, damp arcade more than the warm classic game store that followed.

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